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Removal of Garnishee Orders

What is Garnishee Orders

A garnishee is a court order that is served by the sheriff (or messenger) of the court on the employer ordering the employer to make deductions from an employee’s salary or wage in settlement of a debt owed by the employee to a third party creditor.

You have a garnishee order deduction but ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you understand why a garnishee order was obtained?
2. Can you remember signing any legal paperwork relevant to the order?
3. Can you afford the garnishee order deduction?
4. Do you know how to check if the fees and interest are correct?
5. Were you afforded your rights and options in the legal process?
6. Have you any idea what is still owed to your creditors ?
7. Were you given the opportunity to dispute any creditor claims?
8. Were you informed that your administrator may have changed to someone else?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, there may be irregularities or discrepancies which can be audited and challenged.
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Frequently asked questions

What if Debt Review does not work?
Debt review is the only solution that can clear your debt and improve your credit record. That is why more than 80% of Consumers under Debt Review make their payment every month.
What if my budget is too tight?
Your new budget should allow you to create a small emergency fund and when you hit a crisis always speak to your Debt Counsellor.
What if I miss a payment?
When you miss a payment, you provide your Credit Provider with the option to terminate. The Golden Rule is to always pay something, even if it is a reduced payment. When in trouble inform your Debt Counsellor. He or she will make arrangements.
What if I can pay more?
No problem. Extra payments will reduce capital faster and you will reach the debt free point sooner.

Just inform your Debt Counsellor and he/ she will make all the arrangements.

What if I change cell number or e-mail?
The first thing you do is to inform your Debt Counsellor. This will enable your Debt Counsellor to keep you informed.
What if I want to amend my payment date or change bank details?
Just inform your Debt Counselor who will inform your PDA of your new pay date or new bank details.
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